A group in Arkansas wants to get rid of the sales tax on menstrual products. They have introduced a proposal to make this happen.

A group in Arkansas wants to get rid of the tax on menstrual products. They think it would help families. The group is called the Arkansas Period Poverty Project. They want to stop the sales tax on things like tampons, menstrual cups, and pads.

Movement to remove Arkansas tax on tampons gains speed.

Katie Clark, who started the Arkansas Period Poverty Project, wants to get rid of the tax on tampons, menstrual cups, and sanitary napkins in Arkansas. This tax is called the tampon tax and it makes these products more expensive for women.

Clark says that if Arkansas removes the Tampon tax, it would help families save a lot of money. They spend about $3 million on this tax every year. Clark thinks it’s important to make sure people can get pads and tampons easily. She says that one out of every four girls in Arkansas misses school because they can’t get these products.

Talking about the effects of menstrual products on health and expenses, and whether or not Arkansas should tax them.

Yahoo news says that people are trying to get rid of the Arkansas Tampon Tax. But some people, like April Roy, who started femPAQ, are worried about the health effects of some period products. Roy thinks that not all menstrual products are good for our bodies. She also thinks that organic options might be better for the environment, but they can cost more money.

She agrees that letting the community vote on whether to keep the Arkansas tampon tax is important. She says it’s not just about women, but also affects families who are having a hard time. Attorney General Tim Griffin will decide if the proposal is approved by September 21st.

To get rid of the Arkansas Tampon Tax, the campaign needs to collect around 71,000 signatures. If they get enough signatures, people will vote on the proposal in November 2024. If the proposal passes, the changes will start in January 2025.

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